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Join the SOLD community to create real impact by bringing the film to your local theater. We’ve partnered with, a service that helps individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings of SOLD in theaters across the United States. Screenings of the film will not only spread awareness, but call people to action to join us in the movement to end trafficking. Tugg makes it easy to host a screening at a theater near you to raise funds for local or international organizations that are addressing this issue.

The process is simple –

Step One: Request your screening
Fill out the Event Request Form to request the date, time, and place for your special screening. This is also where you can indicate special requests such as a microphone, table, time for a post-screening discussion or to set up the event as a fundraiser.
Click here to request your screening

Step Two: Spread the word!
Once Tugg sends you your personalized screening page, it’s time to spread the word to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers! Unlike typical movie showings, the screening will only happen if a minimum number of tickets are reserved in advance. But don’t worry – we will provide a promotional toolkit to help make it easy to share and publicize your screening.

Step Three: Your event is confirmed!
Once you reach your ticket goal, the screening is confirmed and everyone is emailed their tickets. (If you don’t meet this “Ticket Threshold,” no one will be charged and your event will not take place).

Step Four: Day of the Event!
Present your tickets at the theater box office and enjoy this powerful movie with your community! Be sure to take pictures of your special event and share them with us at

For additional help, Tugg’s Promoter Walkthrough will guide you through the process of hosting a screening and getting the most out of your event!

Host a Screening outside of the theater

If you would prefer to host a community screening of SOLD in a non-theatrical venue such as a community center, church, or library, you can purchase the screening license to do so here.
Have any questions about purchasing your license? Contact the Tugg team by filling out the Request a Quote Form here.



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