girls in NepalPhoto Credit: Childreach Nepal

Goals for SOLD and the Taught Not Trafficked, Childreach International campaign:


If you keep children in school until 16, they are 80% less likely to be trafficked.

  • Educational Awareness as Prevention:
  • SOLD PG 13, a 50 mins version of SOLD will be distributed with an educational guide and will be translated into many languages for schools. Awareness will keep children safe from traffickers and help raise a generation of committed abolitionists.

  • 100 classrooms in Sindhupalchowk
  • 5,000 schools were destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes, 32,000 classrooms. Over one million children in Nepal, do not have a school to attend- leaving the children of Nepal much more vulnerable to traffickers than ever before.

  • Build 10 boarding facilities for the children of sex workers to get them out of the red-light districts before they are forced into sex work at age 10 to 12.
  • More information here.


    Survivors must heal their PTSD before they are truly free. Freedom from fear is critical to rebuilding their self-esteem and lives.

  • Trauma Informed iRest Yoga Nidra heals PTSD. Teachers will train survivors in the US, India and Nepal.
  • Create 10 Circles of Change in the 10 most trafficked U.S. cities. Domestic project to bring communities together to create 10 new fundraising bodies (modeled after which raises 800K+ per year to address trafficking in Seattle.) This is an effort to unite various communities such as: Junior Leagues, Rotarians, Church groups and philanthropists to create fundraising bodies in the10 most trafficked US cities. This could potentially raise 8 million a year in new philanthropic funds to get more children out of the life and off U.S. streets.

    Survivors need vocational training to re-build their lives.

  • Vocationally train to empower 2,000 survivors in the US, India, Nepal.
  • Our partnerships to date are with: Save the Children, United Way, World Vision, Rotary International, ECPAT USA, ECPAT International, The Walk Free Campaign, ATEST, Apne Aap, Maiti Nepal, Build a Nest, Emerge Global, Nomi Network and the iRest Institute. They will use the feature length and PG13, 50 minute version of SOLD to raise funds from their supporters while at the same times expanding their base of support in each screening so that they can continue doing their important life saving work. For more information email us

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